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Providing New Access to Quality Construction Aggregates

Construction aggregates are vital to both our economy and our national defense. Aggregates are used in virtually all types of construction, including highway construction, road maintenance, flood control, hurricane protection; as well as commercial, defense and residential construction.

Construction aggregates include crushed stone, sand, gravel, and rock asphalt.  In many cases, there are no economically viable deposits of quality aggregates in areas which need them the most, resulting either in prohibitively high transportation costs or  accepting products which are closer in proximity, but of an inferior quality.

FMT Aggregate, LLC (“FMTA”) is an affiliate of Florida Marine, LLC, an existing leader in the liquid cargo transportation market. FMTA is well positioned to barge in quality construction aggregates at costs far below the competition. In addition, FMTA has partnered with leading domestic construction aggregates suppliers to ensure the quality and reliability of its supply. FMTA has established yards in strategic locations to serve its market and is committed to customer service by providing 24/7 access to its customers.      

Contact FMTA at 985-629-0340 and let us provide you with the most cost effective and reliable supply of quality aggregates in the nation. 



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